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National Association of Police Fleet Managers Show

National Ambulance Exhibition

Defence Vehicle Dynamics Show (Bedford UK)

Defence Systems and Equipment International (DSEi) show

Milipol Paris and Qatar

Emergency Services Show



The Commercial Vehicle Show
NEC Birmingham (Open to public)

The War and Peace Show (Kent, UK)
(Public event)
"The largest Military vehicle spectacular in the World"

General updates, News or recall notices

LED bulbs for rotating lights

For those who asked, we are still testing LED bulbs for use on old style rotating warning lights. The logic is to replace the old style bulb with a direct LED replacement, so just unplug the old bulb and plug in the new LED version, simple !
By doing so this will not only reduce the power consumption of the rotator by more than half, but decrease the down time of vehicles as LEDs last a lot longer. Price is looking around £15 each plus VAT but if that stops Amber or Blue light vehicles being VOR for no warning lights its worth it !!
 Drop us an email for details when released.

LED lamp used inside a rotating beacon

MMB International 17th October 2012 

Had yet another Liquidation letter through this week for MMB International, As usual any customers who want support on there vehicles please contact us. 


Solar Panels

If you asked us about Solar power a couple of years ago we would probably said its not really cost effective, but now with the power generated increasing and the cost still coming down, we are working with several manuafcturers to find a good quality, robust, wafer thin Polycrystalline panel with a high efficency regulator/charger to compliment. We are in the final rounds of bench testing and hope to soon offer an installed packaged price per vehicle which will include all cables, fixings fuses etc.
 We are primarily looking at PTS / Frontline Ambulances (especially where it is not possible to plug in to a shoreline) and aiming for a nominal charge current to compensate for comms and 'permanently on' equipment.
 A major observation during our testing has been how inefficient a lot of regulators are, some loosing up to 40% of the power from the solar panel. With the UK weather being infamous for cloud and rain, we feel it is important to utilise as much power generated from the panel as possible hence using a higher priced but better quality solar regulater. 
 For further technical detail and prices, please email us and we will respond as soon as testing is complete.


Ambulance / van speed limits

Something that seems to catch people out in the UK are speed limits for support vehicles, PTS, Ambulances and vans in general, the assumption is that if the vehicle is below 7.5 tonnes then normal maximum driving speeds apply, this is not correct!!
 Vans below 7.5 tonnes but above 2 tonnes have maximum speeds of 50mph on single carriageways, 60mph on dual carriageways and 70mph on motorways.
 It seems to be the 60mph on dual carriageways that catches a lot of people out, their are subclauses regarding car based vans, but if in doubt, check Schedule 6 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act of 1984, summarised in regulation 124 of the Sept 2007 version of the Highway Code.
 Traffic cameras/Police will fine you and you will get points! Make sure you know your speed limit, get your fleet manager or leasing company to confirm what restrictions apply to your vehicle.


Response SV

Response SV have also folded, I understand that some of the management team have bought the manufacturing equipment and have commenced trading again. As usual I will still support existing Responce SV customers direct (rate card available on this site).

Driving licence requirements for an Ambulance

A regular question regarding what driving licence is required for Ambulances is caused through a change in the law in 1st January 1997.
Before this date you automatically received C1 and D1 when you passed your manual vehicle test, but after this date it is an additional test.
This is why 'older' crews are not requested to take the C1 D1 tests as it is already on their licence.

Olympic Coachbuilders Limited

We have had our Creditors notice through confirming that Olympic have gone Insolvent on the 18th June 2010. We still offer 12 month 'return to Seylec' warranty on parts supplied by us to Olympic customers, but call outs will obviously now have to be paid for (see rate card).

Auto eject and battery charger fault

We have found onboard vehicle battery chargers with 'blown' or melted input circuits, this is not unique to one specific charger manufacturer but does only seem to happen when used with Auto eject sockets. The problem occures when the shoreline charge sockets are not properly maintained, this results in the mains voltage plug not being completely ejected from the vehicle causing high voltage arcing on the mains connection through in to the battery charger, hence damage to its primary components.
 This is not a fault of the Auto eject or battery charger design.
Please insure that Auto Ejects are regularly cleaned following the manufacturers instructions, if the spring loaded cover is damaged, replace as soon as possible insuring that the socket is serviced before new part installed.
Replacement covers are available from Seylec or Ludo Mcguirk 


Everest Trek

Seylec were proud to sponser David Bird on his recent Trek up Everest raising money for the British Heart Foundation. David has raised almost £3500 with money still coming in. "It was fantastic" said David, "I do take on a few sporting challenges, but this was certainly different. The photo's don't do the view justice".
Well done to David and all involved.


UV Modular receivership 10.30am 15th Jan 2010

 It has been confirmed that UV Modular went in to receivership this morning with the immediate closure of the Brighouse factory. Until further formal notice is given, support from the factory does not seem possible.
Seylec have obviously been working with UV as field support around England and Scotland for warranty claims and maintenance of new vehicle electrical systems.
We still maintain good working relationships with Antares, Carnation and other Ambulance part suppliers, so will continue to offer field support direct to the PCTs on the same costing structure as we do for out of warranty vehicles.
 For non-electrical parts, please contact us as we are in contact with other UV subcontractors who may be able to help.


Seylec, Heybridge Basin, Maldon, Essex, CM9 4RH
VAT No: 912 4236 54

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